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Dr. Miriam Levitt Flisser‘s personal story is the American Dream, making a life in a new country after the trauma of war in the old. Miriam’s parents were resistance fighters who smuggled her out of Eastern Europe, hidden under a mail truck, to a displaced persons camp. She saw the Statue of Liberty for the first time from the deck of a US Marine troopship.


Raised in the Bronx, she attended Bronx High School of Science, NYU Bronx Campus, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. After training at Montefiore Hospital, she has served on the Pediatric Faculty. 


Miriam moved to lower Westchester as a result of increasing crime in NYC, and established a practice, serving as the Chief of Pediatrics for 15 years at Lawrence Hospital, where she was the first woman President of the Medical Staff.


She is the Medical Director of the Bronxville School District, St Joseph School, Chapel Lutheran School, Reformed Church Nursery School, and Horace Mann School in the Bronx. Under her leadership, Bronxville Schools remained open for in-person learning during the COVID pandemic, including BOCES summer school.

In her hometown of Scarsdale, Miriam served as Mayor, Police Commissioner, Fire Commissioner, and member of the Village Board.  A FEMA-certified volunteer on the Medical Reserve Corps of Westchester disaster response team, she was granted COVID vaccine licenses and clinical lab licenses for pandemic services.

Miriam and her husband, Harvey Flisser, a retired teacher who taught in the Bronx and Scarsdale, have three adult children and seven grandchildren. They are members of the Temple Israel Center of White Plains.

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Being unaffiliated with any political party, I am honored to run as the Republican candidate in New York’s 16th Congressional District. As a pediatrician, not a politician, my motivation for running is helping steer America in the right direction to ensure the future for our children. Here are the issues that are critical to achieving that goal.


Control Inflation and Spending

Joe Biden and Jamaal Bowman’s unchecked, reckless spending is crushing working families, senior citizens, young adults and small businesses with rampant inflation. Rising interest rates make buying homes less affordable, increase demand for rentals, and make buying everything from food to fuel more expensive.


Miriam will work to:

  • Get inflation under control with sensible budgets.

  • Defund the new 87,000 I.R.S. auditors who are being hired to go after taxpayers.

  • Push for American energy independence, with commonsense solutions that we know work from years of experience.

  • Strengthen our nation’s infrastructure.

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Prioritize Public Safety

Radical progressives continue to call for defunding the police in spite of alarming crime statistics in New York. As an experienced and proven administrator, and former Scarsdale Mayor and Police Commissioner, Miriam has gained the respect and support of police departments and other first-responders.


Miriam will work to:

  • Strongly support proven crime-control tactics to make our communities safe.


  • Support the repeal of New York’s cashless bail law that frees dangerous criminals back on the streets to commit more crimes.


  • Restore the ability of judges to use their discretion in holding criminals in custody.


  • End midnight flights of illegal immigrants to our local airports.


  • Curtail gun violence by ensuring enforcement of our existing laws.


  • Stop the flow of fentanyl and other deadly drugs into our country.

Quality Education and Parental Rights


As the Medical Director of the Bronxville School District, Miriam kept her schools safely open for in-person learning, including summer school for special needs and sports, throughout the entire COVID pandemic.


Miriam Flisser will work to:

  • Reverse the deterioration of academic standards (NAEP), which have reached the lowest levels in decades.


  • Ensure that partisan politics never play a part in school decisions again.


  • Support strong academics so our children have the knowledge and skills to excel in a competitive world.


  • Empower parents to push back against inappropriate curricula such as Critical Race Theory, gender ideology and perverse sex education to young children.

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Support Israel

Israel is one of our nation’s oldest and closest allies in the Mideast. It is critical that Congress continues its strong support for Israel and peace in the Mideast. Biden and Bowman’s policies are eroding our relationship with Israel, thus jeopardizing world stability.


Miriam Flisser will work to:


  • Support the Abraham Accords.


  • Support the Israel Relations Normalization Act (HR 2748), which has 332 cosponsors.


  • Oppose H Res 1123, the radical anti-Israel legislation cosponsored by Bowman and supported by the Democratic Socialists of America.


  • Oppose the Biden Administration’s efforts to allow Iran to gain nuclear weapons.

Other Important Policies

As a registered independent, unaffiliated with any party, Miriam does not need to cater to any party’s agenda.


Miriam Flisser will work to:

  • Fix immigration so that there is a legal path to citizenship for those coming to America for a better life, and for freedom and opportunity.

  • Protect our environment by working to maintain our parks and open spaces, while cracking down on pollutants and contaminants.

  • Protect Social Security and Medicare by pushing for long-term solutions.


  • Ensure that our military receives adequate funding and support, and that our veterans receive their necessary services.

  • Oppose the MTA’s proposed congestion pricing scheme that will result in massive traffic problems in the Bronx.

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